• 23 April، 2021

Why information assurance and security is important in 2021

In March 2021, Chinese hackers broke into Microsoft Exchange Server and stole emails from over 250,000 customers worldwide. This raises two questions: How do you stop these attacks from happening? How do you find out what data is affected and what damage has been done? Today’s information security is the combination of cybersecurity, information governance, risk management, and information assurance that can address these issues. This blog concentrates on the role of information assurance and its integration into the world of security.



The increase in criminal activity during the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the imperative for cyber resilience within every business. Working from the point of view that a data breach is inevitable at some point, the question becomes how you respond, remediate and recover your business. This means moving beyond the technical aspects to consider the things that are most important: your data.



How do you protect and defend information inside your enterprise and, increasingly, in external data sources that you may have some responsibility for?



The answer is information assurance. A technology that begun life within legal firms and the legal departments of companies is now broadening out as all organizations are dealing with an ever-increasing volume and variety of data, with greater controls and regulations on what they are permitted to do with that data. Handling regulatory enquires and enhancing data protection and data management have become key focus areas for information assurance solutions in enterprises worldwide.



Why you need information assurance


Organizations want to tap into the huge potential of this data to improve business performance and customer experience. At the same time, people are becoming more digital savvy and governments more protective of the individual’s privacy and personal information.


At the same time, some things haven’t changed. They have just accelerated. Whether accidental or malicious, employees misuse data and cybercriminals are definitely malicious when they target your business with more sophisticated hacks and attacks.


Information assurance has become vital to protect the information within your organization to ensure its integrity and quality in a way that builds trust and reduces risk. Today, information assurance solutions have moved beyond the ability to protect information systems. Information assurance professionals are now equally concerned with data privacy, regulatory inquiries, and standards compliance.



Any information assurance risk assessment will seek a balance between protecting information and providing effective access to information. For example, during a merger or acquisition, there will be a period of due diligence where each party gathers data to identify potential risk. Vast amounts of information have to be analyzed in a timely manner, while sensitive data such as intellectual property still has to be protected. Without modern information assurance solutions that can automate much of the data discovery process, this simply would not be possible.