• 26 April، 2021

Is your professional development remote working ready?

The working world has shifted more than ever before. What was once a fringe idea, working remotely, has become the standard in many industries, and while some aspects of working life may go back to the way they were, many other changes are here to stay. But that doesn’t mean that the professional development, employee growth, and self-improvement of your team can fall by the wayside.

With the right professional development plan and mindset, you can set all your employees up for success, whether they’re in an office, remote, or somewhere in between.


Keep communication open


Having direct and easy access to reliable communication tools is a key to success with a team, whether in-person or virtual. And this is doubly true when hosting a professional development event.

If you’ve already transitioned to a fully remote or hybrid workforce, then many of your day-to-day tools can work great in a professional development setting as well. Allowing for side conversations through instant messaging platforms not only allows your employees to get answers to their questions but also helps boost morale and brings them closer as a team.


The importance of shareable files


One of the biggest concerns with remote professional development is the lack of in-person collaboration. Not having everyone in the same space can make it harder for team members to share ideas, give each other feedback, and learn from each other when working together on a project. However, with a little extra effort, you can prevent physical distance from hindering successful collaboration and employee growth.

Before kicking off any event, project, or assignment, make sure that all necessary materials are in a single place that everyone can access. Placing your documents and files on a cloud server is a great way to enable your team members to download, share, or work together directly in one place. Hosting a shared document is a great way for you to gather a group’s thoughts on a project.


Everything becomes hands-on


If you’re doing software or process training, the advantages of hosting your event virtually multiply even more.

Thanks to screen sharing software, you can walk your participants through a process first-hand, as they are testing it out on their computer or device. Now you won’t have to worry if they will run into an issue later, they can personally take the steps you outline, and instantly ask questions or raise concerns.


Virtual professional development as a cultural touchpoint

Before your presenters build their slides, make sure you have a list of colors, fonts, and styles that they should use. That way your entire even can have a cohesive and polished look. Kicking off your day with a virtual mindset or icebreaker activities can raise the excitement of your participants, and get them ready to start the day. And then keeping your lines of communication open can work to keep that tempo up.


Get started on your professional development plan

When you’re ready to make your next professional development plan, remember that with the right tools, they can be even more effective than ever before! Virtual events give you access, ease of sharing, and cost savings that you won’t find otherwise. So go start planning!