Enterprise Project Management

Enterprise Project Management

Enterprise Project Management (EPM) is the most influential business discipline and system for guiding your organization to deliver your business plan. EPM is based on the principle that your organization’s vision, mission, and objectives are a set of projects. EPM covers fields like oil, gas, construction, and mining.


Zamil IIS solution helps businesses accurately measure and control scope creep (costs, time, and resources) and consistently deliver projects that align with business goals to ensure success.

Benefits of the solution

Increased Efficiency

Project managers and team members are often amazed by how quickly and effectively they can work and communicate once they start using a good project management tool.

Reduced Costs

While older project management software was typically hosted on-premise and required heavy up-front investment in both licenses and infrastructure, cloud-based solutions like Clarizen are easier to implement and significantly more cost-effective.

Better Visibility

Modern project management tools allow project and portfolio managers to get real-time insight into team utilization and budget performance for the enterprise as a whole, not simply on a project-by-project basis.

Better Project Outcomes

While organizations might trace a specific project success to one particular feature of their project management software, the real benefit is usually seen in long-term, enterprise-wide improvements in budget performance, work quality, and employee engagement.

Our Partners

Oracle Smart Construction Platform combines industry-proven applications with a common data environment and ecosystem of partners to help builders and construction teams collaborate and continually improve their results. The platform helps synchronize activities and resources, connect teams, and enables individuals to make well-informed, proactive decisions

Our Solution Features

File Sharing

Some enterprise project management tools offer simple file sharing features, while advanced ones have more sophisticated functionalities, such as content versioning and setting user permissions.

Internal Communication

Being too reliant on emails may hinder your team’s efficiency and eat up a lot of their time. Instead of leaving the app every time you want to discuss a project, use one of the following EPM software.

User Dashboards

An enterprise project management software should give each user a visually appealing and straightforward overview of vital project information via personalized and customizable dashboards.


Some enterprise project management tools allow creating individual calendars for everyone on the team to stay updated on progress via their above-mentioned personalized dashboards.

Gantt Charts

These charts graphically showcase project schedules, let you quickly change the start and end dates, and stay in control of which team members are working on which project.


You can extend any enterprise project management tool’s functionality by integrating it with other enterprise-grade software like Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Clockify, and Dropbox.

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