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Zamil Information Services

ZIIS has the complete solutions that fulfill your organization’s IT needs. Today corporate battles are fought in boardrooms, with the help of information, where the strategic edge is more on swift availability of precise information to the top management. If being the pack leaders your goal, then ZIIS has the solution your company was dreaming of.


At ZIIS, we set our sights on becoming a dominant industrial and service group with a significant impact on global markets. Our team is committed to providing our clients with top-tier solutions

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We deliver asset-based and highly responsive business solutions that help bridge the execution gaps of clients through a culture of shared commitments and collaboration

We Provide you with Great Experiences to Create your Project

Through Our Professional Teams we reach you to highest place by our special next values

Honesty and Integrity
Innovation and Change
Customer and Excellence
Community and Prosperity
High Flexibility
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We provide optimal project solutions that help companies employ information technology in their business, improve operational efficiency, and speed up your project.